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Jamaican Black Cakes

Jamaican black cake, dark fruit cake, rum cake

 Black cake or dark fruit cake is a unique type of cake traditionally associated with the Caribbean at Holidays, Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays and other various celebrations.  Sweet T's Black cakes are made with plums, currants, raisins, citron, and cherries soaked in strong Jamaican white rum and Sweet red wine. 
3 Jamaican Mini fruit & Rum cakes

Every cake is expertly made fresh to order. That way each cake can be customized to your preference.

The fruits are soaked for at least six months for maximum taste and consistency. Which is very important in creating a superior quality black cake. Now you can buy Sweet T's ready made soaked fruits to add to your favorite black cake recipe. Cut the cost, preparation and the long wait to make soaked fruits. Sweet T expertly cleans and prepares the fruit so you can just add it into your own recipe. If you want to bake a genuine moist, delicious Jamaican black cake Order Sweet T's Soaked Fruit Mix Today! 
Order Sweet T's Soaked Fruit Mix Here! 


  Sweet T's Luxury Rum Cake Gift Basket

Even after being slow baked to perfection, Sweet T's Jamaican Black Cake is then saturated with additional rum and wine. This ensures a rich, moist and truly decadent flavor. This important process preserves our cakes therefore they can be kept moist for many weeks and remain delicious. Every order of black cake comes with your choice of signature icing or glaze complimentary. Flavors including: Simple White, Rum-vanilla, Vanilla Spice and Peppermint.
Sweet T's Deluxe Rum Cake Gift Baskets

 Now everyone can experience this Caribbean delight and share with everyone they know.

                             Jamaican black Cake Gift Baskets
Sweet T's Jamaican black cake w/ Royal icing

There are are some "bakers" out there that are very skimpy when it comes to the amount of fruit, rum and or wine that they add to their cakes which results in a very dry, flavorless, and almost bread like cake some of which aren't even a rich black color. That might be okay for some but Sweet T's Jamaican rum cakes are on a higher level all together. 
9 inch Jamaican Black cake $55.00
These cakes are rich, very moist, full of rum and are beautifully black. They melt in your mouth and have a refined smooth texture. For those that like a chunkier texture, we can customize every cake experience for the customer. When you call and order you will speak with Chef Sweet T herself and personalize your cake to your taste and specification.
10 inch Jamaican Black cake $65.00
To order Sweet T's Jamaican Black cakes just Visit All of our gorgeous cakes come with Chef Sweet T's Signature white icing in these flavors: Rum- vanilla, vanilla spice, peppermint and simple white.  

This dessert makes a great addition to any event or holiday dinner. They also make a wonderful gift for a family member or friend. This cake is a gift no one would ever forget! 

                                    Try sweet T's Authentic JAMAICAN RUM CREAM!

How Much For Sweet T's Jamaican black Cake?
Sizes & Prices 
Sample Black Cake 5x2in $18 5-7ppl.

8inch $35, 18+ people
8inch $45, 30+
9inch $55, 35+ 
10inch $65, 45+
12inch  $85, 50+
Half Sheet Black Cake 17x13 $135 60+
Deluxe Jamaican Rum Gift Basket $50
12 Rum Shot Cupcakes $24
3 Mini Fruit & Rum Cakes $27

Delivery: USPS:$12.35 2-3 (apprx) Days Priority U.S only
                FedEx: $13.75 3 Business Days U.S Only

Sweet T's Jamaican rum fruit cake, black cake

Great questions:

Q: How quick can I get my cake?
A: Cakes are made to your order. The baking to shipping process takes 24- 48 hours from the time you place you order. Please consider this time frame when placing your order. Any special needs you may have should be addressed with Chef Sweet T.

Q: Are your products safe for those with nut/dairy/gluten/other allergies?
A: All of Sweet T's Jamaican Black Cakes contain dairy. If you have any questions regarding allergies, please contact us prior to ordering.WE can make Gluten Free and Sugar Free cake as well.

Q: How long do your products keep for? Do they need to go into the fridge?
A: Our Jamaican black cake is able to keep for 3 months at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not required, but will not hurt and some people prefer Sweet T's Jamaican Black Cakes cold. If freezing, be sure to let the cake thaw at room temperature  before eating! They can remain frozen for 5 months.

Q: Can you accommodate my order last minute?
A: We may be able to accommodate your order last minute depending on location. Generally we  need 48 hours to fulfill the order and ship. Please call or email Chef Sweet T as soon as possible for last minute orders and we will see what we can do, but there is no guarantee.

Q: Do You Ship Internationally: 
A: No We Do Not! 

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept payments online using your Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard). We use Paypal to process orders. We take care in packaging your cakes in a manner that ensures Our Caribbean Cakes reach you in perfect shape.

Chef Sweet T is a Certified Food Service Manager 

Best Jamaican wedding Cake

Please place your orders with this in mind.
  1. Our cakes are not returnable or refundable once they have been Shipped.
  2. Orders are shipped out of West Palm Beach, Florida.
  3. We Do Not ship to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses. 
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  2. The most delicious black cake i have ever tasted. I ordered for me but everyone got to it and left me with a little, now i have to get another cake and this time hide it away.

  3. Yum is all i have to say. I loved the texture! Very authentic Jamaican black cake and i can't believe the the price..

    1. Well thank you , you know a good deal when you see one.

  4. Looking really delicious...... Going to add you to the website...... Featuring everything Jamaican in South Florida.... This is a FREE listing!!

    1. That is Awesome. Thank you so Much for the listing! We appreciate it. Hope you are able to try one of our cakes soon.

    2. You are most welcome..... Best wishes as you take your entrepreneurial journey...

  5. This is the best black cake I ever had! I had my share of cakes and this, well, takes the cake. Others are dry, brown-looking; not even black. This one is succulent and rich in flavor. I hated having to wait til Christmas time to enjoy this treat. Now I can have it whenever I want. Thanks Sweet T!

  6. These Jamaican Rum cakes looking really good Chef Sweet T... I see that you don't scrimp on the quality ingredients at all.....

  7. Can you buy these cakes in florida,local?

    1. Yes, you can buy them online and have them shipped to your door. Just visit the site to order. If you would like to pick up a cake, we are in Wpb, Florida and can arrange a pick up if needed